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Jacob A. Haser founded our business in the early 1900’s delivering coal and ice with a horse and buggy in the Pittsburgh,PA area. During the depression our grandfather, Jacob, often extended credit to individuals and businesses that were unable to make immediate payment for coal. That was our relationship with our community and still reflects our commitment to our customers. Jacob and Claire Haser had 7 children one of which was Edward J. Haser, their youngest and only son. As soon as Edward J. was old enough to work he left school and joined his father Jacob working to help support the family during the depression. When the depression was over Edward J. signed on to serve in the U.S. Navy. After his service years ended he returned to Pittsburgh, PA and the family business. As time progressed we got into hauling rails, lumber and switching gears for the Pittsburgh Railways and dirt for the Alcosan(sanitary authority). We hauled slag and cinders to the local homebuilders in our dump trucks. We had a contract with Duquesne Light electric company hauling ash out of power plants to dumps on a 24 hour per day schedule.

Jacob passed away in the 1960’s leaving Edward J. Haser to continue the family business. Edward J. took the business from a small dump truck operation to a flatbed and winch truck trailer service to accommodate customer needs during the Pittsburgh Renaissance growth period.

Annual revenues continued to grow. During that time we had a contract with American Bridge hauling tools and equipment to new buildings, bridges and steel mills being repaired and built. New customers like US Steel and Westinghouse and Fischer Scientific were added to our customer base as Pittsburgh became a thriving important American city.

Edward J. and Jean Haser had 3 sons and 1 daughter. As each approached age 18 t hey took their place in the family business. Each of their three sons served in the US Army in Vietnam. When one son returned the next departed. Edward P. currently the President of Reinsfelder, Inc. went to Vietnam where he served as Team leader helicopter mechanic with 100 men under his supervision. Brother Paul was a scout (forward observer) ahead of the army searching for Vietcong and calling in artillery. Tom Haser served in the military police escorting military convoys up and down Highway 1 in Vietnam.

After Edward P. Haser returned stateside from Vietnam he worked as a truck driver and rigger for the business. Brother Tom joined the local police force where he served for 30 years and retired. Brother Paul, the scout, became a truck driver and hauls loads today with the same care and caution used in his service to his country.

Edward J. Haser retired in 1982 and turned management of the business over to his oldest son Edward P. Haser. Edward P. Haser then took advantage of the deregulation of the PUC and ICC Commission, and lifted to expand our hauling lanes for our customers.


"Very good Trucking outfit Pittsburgh area nice equipment very good staff”

Kevin K.

"Great company to be involved with.”

Travis M.

"Fantastic people to work for”

Debra K.

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